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Life Groups

We work hard to make our Life Groups a place where you connect with other people and learn Bible principles that you can apply to your life.

Currently, our Life Groups meet on Sunday nights at 7 pm.

We meet in homes because we believe relationships grow better in a home environment.

Currently, we meet in homes in Reynoldsburg Ohio, and Columbus with a goal to expand to Pickerington, Gahanna, and the greater Columbus area.

We also believe it is so important to "Do Life Together," and Life Groups help us accomplish that.

Come "Do Life Together" with us!


What to expect in Life Groups:

A typical Life Group format consists of:

1 - pairing up and sharing your "highs and lows" with each other. What was good about your week, what was not so good about your week. We find that sharing together like this helps us get to know each other better, and it also helps to know that you're not the only one who goes through difficulties.

Confidentiality is key in our Life Groups. We express the concept, "What's said in here, stays in here" often.

The Bible says to "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and mourn with those who mourn" (Romans 12:15), so that's why we share our highs and lows.


2 - Learning from the Bible is 1) Discussion-based and 2) Inductive.

Our Bible studies are typically lined up with the sermon topic that week.

We use a different passage of Scripture than what was used in the sermon, but in the same category.

Because a typical worship service does not allow time for discussion (it's mainly a one-sided talk.

Life Groups provide a way to discuss the topic and make a connection to their life.

People often have "Aha moments" and realize how they can apply the Bible principle to their life.

They also hear inspiring stories from other Christians.

Sometimes, we will do special Life Group trainings, such as the "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality" study by Pete Scazerro, or Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.


Another thing that makes us distinct as a church is we practice Inductive Bible Study.

Deductive vs. Inductive

Deductive Bible study means that someone is teaching head knowledge, and the participants are simply listeners.

Inductive Bible study means that the participants are learning how to pull concepts out of the Bible themselves.

This is actually based on one of our Core Values - teach people how to do things for themselves, such as study the Bible.

Many Christians go through their Christian walk at a "baby level" of Bible understanding.

Think about the concept of how a mother bird feeds a baby bird. The mother bird does all of the work of finding the food, and then feeds the baby bird the food they caught.

In some churches, the pastor acts as the "mother bird." He does all the work of studying God's Word, and then he "spoon feeds" the listeners.

While there is a time and a place for this style of teaching, we want our people at Impact Church to learn the skill of how to "get the food for themselves."

We don't want people to forever be dependent on someone else to feed them the Word of God.

We teach a variety of Inductive Questions that participants ask of the Bible, such as "What do we learn about God? What do we learn about people? What do we learn about living to please God?"

There's also the H.E.A.R. method of Bible study - Highlight, Explain, Apply, and Respond, which is similiar to the S.O.A.P. method - Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.


3 - Prayer Time

We end with a prayer time with the group.

Often times, we will end with a Prayer Circle.

A Prayer Circle is a great way to help people grow in their ability to pray.

The group circles up, with one person starting the prayer circle and another person ending.

The people in between have a choice to either 1) not pray at all or 2) participate in the prayer.

We never want to force people to do something they are not comfortable with.

However, we do encourage people when they are comfortable to participate.

We encourage people to simply say, "God, thank you for my family."

If that's all they say, that's OK! They are one step closer to learning how to pray.


Again, we do this practice because it lines up with our Core Values - teach people how to do things for themselves, such as pray.


Youth Groups

At Impact Church, our Reynoldsburg teens are very important to us!

We care about their physical health, mental and emotional health, and especially their spiritual health.


Every other week, we get the teens (and their families) together to play games and eat before the Life Group.

We play games such as "Werewolf," "Win Lose or Draw," video games, movies, etc.

We have a meal together, and then we have Life Group.

We have found that having the games and meals together helps teens to stay for Life Groups.


One of the things we love at Impact Church is our inter-generational learning.

While some churches may have the Youth Group separate from the other age groups, we like to encourage all ages to hang out and learn together.

In Titus 2 it says, "Let the older women teach the younger women..."

We believe there is great value in having adults mentoring kids.

It's a beautiful thing to see multiple generations learning from the Bible and each other!

It's a wonderful experience to hear the kids having great answers in our Life Group Bible study, and we encourage the adults to tell stories from their life that teach life lessons to the teens!


For more information about our Life Groups, Discipleship Groups, Bible Study, Big Serve Events, Kids Programs, please call 614-593-9070 and speak to our Administrative Pastor, Rick Harper. He will be glad to answer any questions you have!

Or, feel free to email us at

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