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When God starts moving pieces around that seemed to be firmly in place, we start to wonder what awesome things God has planned for Reynoldsburg...

Jeremy's parents lived in another state and were comfortable in their situation - job, house, etc.

But God had other plans! He put a call upon Rick and Elizabeth's heart to move and help out their son's ministry.

Jeremy and his Dad have teamed up in ministry for the first time - both bringing a passion for God and for seeing lives be changed.

TWO FAMILIES with a passion have CONVERGED in Reynoldsburg, Ohio to make ONE POWERFUL TEAM for God! God is on the move!

We expect Him to do great things through this church plant!

​​Come join the cause for Christ and make an IMPACT!

Impact is not a typical church. It is a new Church Plant in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, with a purpose and focus.

If it's been awhile since you've been to church, give church a chance again! We think you will be pleasantly surprised. Non-judgmental, come as you are, don't have to get all dressed up, tattoos welcome.

You don't have to get all "cleaned up" first before you come to God.

One of the amazing things about Jesus is that He took people WHERE THEY WERE. He loved them just as they were, but He loved them too much to leave them where they were!

God is calling you to give Him and His church a chance again.



Our Staff


Non judgmental church Reynoldsburg Ohio

Jeremy (and Andrea) Harper
​Lead Training Pastor

Impact Church Reynoldsburg Worship Leader contemporary worship modern music

Jacob (and Riley) Lafevor
Worship Leader

Non judgmental church Reynoldsburg Ohio

Rick (and Elizabeth) Harper
Administrative Pastor

Jeremy was miraculously freed from drug addiction since 2003. He grew up in the Christian Church, but then he strayed, and God brought him back. He knows first hand what it is like to live in brokenness, and he has a great passion for helping others leave their life of brokenness and truly follow Jesus.

Jeremy and Andrea have been in full-time ministry for 13 years. Jeremy has pastored 3 different nondenominational churches with some great success! The seeds for starting a new church were planted in the Harpers’ hearts a few years ago in Memphis, TN, with God making the vision clearer and clearer each year until the present.

As a couple, genuinely loving others is who they are! This includes the body of Christ, visitors, their Reynoldsburg neighbors, and others they meet as they go about their day. God has given them a gift for loving all people where they are and helping them feel cared for and welcome! Using a “relational evangelism style," Jeremy and Andrea seek to be the light of Christ everywhere they go and their hearts burst for opportunities for putting their faith into action.


To Contact Jeremy, send him an email at:


About Jeremy Harper...
Jeremy has been married to Andrea for 13 years, and they have 4 kids together.
Jeremy originally grew up in the north, but when he moved to the South, he fell in love with Southern food - especially Southern BBQ and fried catfish!
He loves to drink quality coffee, and he is always happy to grab coffee with anyone to get to know them.  That's a standing offer!
He loves music - especially Christian rock, classic rock, and Christian rap.
Andrea and Jeremy love to host people at their home, and Jeremy loves to grill out tender and juicy meats!

Jeremy is very active in the community and volunteers at Mid-Ohio Market at Heart, is a member of The Lions Club of Reynoldsburg, Reynoldsburg Community Association, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, and is an Assistant Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 279.

About Jacob Lafevor... 

Jacob grew up in a military family, so he jumped around from church to church all over the country throughout his youth. While he grew up in a Christian household, he didn’t make his relationship with Jesus his own until ninth grade. Jacob struggled with addiction and depression, but eventually re-devoted his life to Christ and found his calling. 

In eighth grade, Jacob began going to a church in Michigan when his father retired from the military. There, he discovered God’s calling for his life: music! Before, he thought he would end up in the military, like his dad. However, through much prayer and wrestling with God, he realized he had an inescapable call towards music.

Jacob is now studying to become a music teacher at Mount Vernon Nazarene University with his wife, Riley, who is also studying to become a teacher. They have been married since their quarantine wedding in June 2020. 

Before moving to Ohio for school, Jacob was the worship leader for his church’s youth group band in Michigan. Jacob loves to lead others in worship and is always looking to grow a worship team.


Rick and Elizabeth have served in Christian Churches and in various ministries through the years from Senior Pastor, Evangelist, Elder, and now Administrative Pastor. Rick has two Master’s Degrees - one in Church Growth and another in Christian Ministries. While Rick & Elizabeth were content with their established life and nondenominational church home in Grand Rapids, MI, God gave them a “Macedonian Call” to come and help Jeremy & Andrea with their Ministry in Columbus, Ohio. Through that Macedonian Call, their son-in-law and 16-year-old grandson became disciples of Jesus! Not only that, but they continue to be a HUGE asset to Impact Church Reynoldsburg in numerous ways!!! Rick’s personality and gifting are perfectly suited for the position of Administrative Pastor, and is a great complement to Jeremy’s personality. Of course, Elizabeth has the heart of a servant and is always willing to do whatever needs to be done for the Kingdom of God!


To Contact Rick, email him at impactchurch365@gmail.com
or call him at 614-593-9070