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Join us this Sunday at 10:15 am as Jeremy continues this new series! You won't want to miss this one. Click on any of the videos below to listen to past installments of this series and other messages! 

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Are you looking for a church in Reynoldsburg that teaches the Bible in a way you can understand?  Messages that aren't boring, have intersting stories and use humor?  Messages that you can actually take and use in your life this week?  This is Jeremy's goal every time he puts together a sermon.
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If you are feeling far from God and feel the need to change your life around, Jeremy understands exactly what that feels like.  As a teenager, Jeremy went on a rebellious path and lived the "sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle."  It left him feeling empty and broken.  He had grown up in church and had been baptized when he was younger, and he realized he needed to turn back to God.  God miraculously delivered him from addiction to crystal meth, and he has been telling others about how Jesus can change your life ever since.
If you are searching for a good church, we know we are the place for you. Feel free to check out the "New Here" page linked below where you can find the answers to all your questions. If you have never been to our church before, come by this Sunday! We would love to get to know you. We want to see lives changed here by the power of Jesus Christ, and we see that happen every week when someone steps through our doors. We look forward to meeting you! God bless.


Mythbusters 4 Jesus Appearances after He rose from the Dead. Impact Church Reynoldsburg

One thing is for sure: the followers of Jesus fully believed they saw Jesus alive again after He rose. Some have tried to come up with alternative theories to explain away a true resurrection from the dead. So what about those theories? Do they stand up as good theories? Or will these theories get busted? Join us Sunday at 10:15 am 1623 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg #jesusrosefromthedead #JesusDiedForYou #jesusdiedforus #JesusIsAlive #emptytomb #HeIsRisen #heisrisen #reasontobelieve #BelieveInJesus #believeinjesus *Coffee and snacks provided

Mythbusters 3 The Empty Tomb - Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? Impact Church Reynoldsburg

Imagine someone ran up to you and claimed that their friend who died 3 days ago was alive again. They said, “Yeah, I went to put flowers on their grave, and the grave was dug up and their body was gone!” You would think to yourself, “This guy’s crazy! How did he get out of the loony bin?" So, is it crazy to believe in Jesus? Christianity is the only religion that claims their leader was dead for 3 days and came back to life. • If you’re not a Christian, maybe you have heard about Jesus coming back from the dead, and you have wondered why people believe that. • If you are a Christian, could you tell someone else why you believe such a BOLD CLAIM? This Sunday, we want to tell you that there is GOOD REASON to believe Jesus came back to life. If you are checking out Christianity, or if you are a Christian trying to tell someone else why you believe, one of the biggest things you need to know about is the EMPY TOMB. Join us Sunday at 10:15 am 1623 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg #jesusrosefromthedead #JesusDiedForYou #jesusdiedforus #JesusIsAlive #emptytomb #HeIsRisen #heisrisen #reasontobelieve #BelieveInJesus #believeinjesus *Coffee and snacks provided

Mythbusters 2 Did Jesus Fake His Own Death? Tackling the Swoon Theory | Impact Church Reynoldsburg


Have you ever had a moment – spiritually – where you thought, Hey, If I’m wrong about what I believe, I want to know? Whether you believe in Jesus or not, believe some other religion… What if I’m wrong? I don’t want to dedicate my whole life to something if it’s not true… Some of you, you’ve never stopped to question if what you believe is true or not. That’s not a good place to be, either. Don’t just blindly accept things and follow other people… What if those other people are wrong? • God doesn’t want us to just blindly follow Jesus and not really be sure why. He wants us to stand FIRM in our faith  • God also wants us to be able to explain to others why we believe #FactOrFiction #factorfiction #SonOfGod #jesusthesonofgod #jesusthesonofgod😇 #JesusTheSonOfGod #whoisJesus #whoisjesus

Mythbusters for Jesus Pt 1: Amazing Predictions. How do prophecies show that Jesus is the Messiah?

Who is Jesus? Is He really the Son of God? Are you reading this post, and you’re not sure who Jesus is? Have you wondered why some people believe He is the Son of God? You’ve heard of Jesus, you’ve seen His name on signs, but you’re not really sure why people pay so much attention to Him? Maybe you’re even skeptical of people who believe in Jesus, and you wonder why ppl believe. If you are already a believer in Jesus, Do you know WHY you believe in Him? Could you explain to someone else why? Because the real test of if you really understand something is if you can explain it to someone else. If you are a believer, and you wouldn’t be able to explain to someone else WHY you believe, You need to be at Impact Church on Sundays! For the next 4 weeks, we will be "Mythbusters for Jesus" - looking at claims the Bible made, and seeing if the myths are "plausible" or "busted." #FactOrFiction #factorfiction #SonOfGod #jesusthesonofgod #jesusthesonofgod😇 #JesusTheSonOfGod #whoisJesus #whoisjesus

The Reborn Identity. How do we Live now that we've been Forgiven? Impact Church Reynoldsburg

OK, so we've heard the good news that we've been Forgiven and don't have to Carry Guilt around anymore. Yay! But... Is Christianity JUST about being Forgiven and Going to Heaven? Does God expect us to do anything now that we've been forgiven? Do we just keep living the same way we were before, or do we need to change anything? In This Message, we will be talking about the concept of being Born Again, and how because we've been Born Again, God gives us a New Identity and a New Way to Live! He cares about certain behaviors and how we live. He cares about the impressions we are making on other people around us. Watch This Video as we learn about "The Re-Born Identity."

😁🙌 Freedom from Guilt - God's Forgiveness 🙌😀 Impact Church Reynoldsburg non denominational church


Do you have something in your past that you have major regrets about? Do you wish you could go back in time and change what you did? Does the guilt of your actions weigh heavily on you, and you can't seem to shake that guilt? Maybe it even keeps you up at night? There is good news! God offers Forgiveness for what you have done and He offers Freedom from guilt! The Bible gives many pictures and descriptions of the Kind of Forgiveness God offers. Join us Sunday as we look at those descriptions of Forgiveness, and hopefully - if you Believe what the Bible says - You can leave Impact Church feeling the Freedom from Your Guilt! 10:15 am Sunday morning 1623 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg #cleanslate #nomoreguilt #experiencefreedom #noguilt #noshame #GodForgives

One of the Highest Callings of a Christian Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non Denominational Church

When is the last time you served someone and met their needs in a meaningful way? Is serving others a high priority in your mind? Is it something that you think about often? How much does serving others really matter, anyway? This Sunday, Jeremy is going to make the case that one of our highest callings is serving and meeting the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. In the book of John, Jesus prayed for the unity of believers and said (paraphrasing) "they will know we are Christians by our love." In that same section of the book of John, Jesus DEMONSTRATED the kind of love He was talking about by Serving and Meeting Needs by Washing His disciples' feet (Jesus considered the disciples His brothers in the family of God). Jesus said He just set an example that they should do for one another. If it's been a while since you've served others, or serving others isn't at the top of your list of priorities, Watch this video to be inspired by the life of Jesus!

What Does the Holy Spirit Do for Us? Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non denominational Christian Church

Have you ever doubted in you had the Holy Spirit or were part of God's family? Have you wondered what the Holy Spirit does for us? And why does this topic matter? The Holy Spirit in a believer's life is a MAJOR KEY, and understanding how the Holy Spirit works can make a big difference. Watch this message out of Romans 8 as we continue to learn more about the Holy Spirit.

God's Not Condemning You! Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non denominational Christian relevant teaching


Do you ever hear an inner voice saying You're Not Good Enough, You'll Never Measure Up, You Deserve to Be Punished, You Don't Deserve Heaven...? Do you feel overwhelmed with guilt? Maybe you even hear other people saying those things and heaping guilt upon you... There is GOOD NEWS! "There is now NO CONDEMNATION for those in Christ Jesus!" If you are in Christ, and you are hearing those voices, it's Not From God, because God already said, "I'm not condemning you!" Continuing our series on the Holy Spirit, we will talk about what it means to say "There is no condemnation for you." Don't listen to the lying voices. Listen to the voice of truth! You can't know the truth if you're not sitting at the feet of solid Bible teaching.

Explaining the Trinity - What Is It and How Does the Holy Spirit Work in Our Lives? Impact Church

What is the Trinity? We’ve heard of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… Some refer to this as the Trinity… But what does the word Trinity mean, and how does it all work? Out of the 3, the Holy Spirit seems to be the biggest mystery… Some of us haven’t heard much teaching on the Holy Spirit at all, Which just makes the mystery even bigger. If you have ever struggled with the concept of the Trinity, or you have wanted to understand the Holy Spirit better, join us this Sunday as we continue our series on the Holy Spirit. 10:15 am In Person 1623 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg Online - Impact Church Reynoldsburg Facebook Page

What Does It Mean to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit? Impact Church Reynoldsburg Biblical Preaching

Do you ever feel powerless? You try so hard, but can't seem to get ahead? Have you ever wished you could get some help in life? Have you wondered who or what the Holy Spirit is, or wondered what Christians were talking about when they said "The Trinity?" We are going to take the next few weeks to explore: Who the Holy Spirit is/The Trinity, Why the Third Member of the Trinity is Extremely Important, and How the Holy Spirit can be a Great Help to Christians. Join us This Sunday for a Message of Hope!

The People of God are People of Integrity Part 2 Impact Church Reynoldsburg Nondenominational modern


People of Integrity; always do what's right, play by the rules, and do what's right despite the advice of others. Integrity is doing the right thing, even when you feel like the other person isn't doing the right thing.

The People of God are People of Integrity Non Denominational Christian Impact Church Reynoldsburg

As a Christian, you can ruin your witness and give Christianity a bad name by having a lack of integrity. "Building a reputation of integrity takes years to build, but only seconds to lose." If someone asked your friends or family members to think of a person of Integrity, would it be your name that they think of? Can you be trusted? Will you do the right thing? Can you be counted on? Do you do right by people? Do you have a good reputation? All of the characteristics in those questions are characteristics of a person with integrity.

What is God's Love Language? What does Jesus expect of His followers? Impact Church Reynoldsburg

What makes God feel loved? What could we do that God would appreciate? When we see Jesus face to face, what will will cause him to say "Well done!" What is one of the primary things Jesus expects of His followers? Watch this video to learn about how important Obedience is in God's Eyes.

Keeping Communion from Become Commonplace Impact Church Reynoldsburg non denominational Christian

Have you ever been through an experience where it totally changed the way you think about something? Maybe you did a research paper on some topic, and now that you’ve done that research, you’ll never look at things the same again. Maybe you read a book that revolutionized the way you think about something. Maybe you went to a 3rd world country and you experienced true poverty and you’ll never look at poor people the same again. Maybe it was a movie that was based on a true event, like watching The Passion of the Christ. Your concept of what Jesus went through will forever be changed because of that movie. This is our goal with this message today. That after hearing this lesson on Communion, You will have a higher level of APPRECIATION for this time.

Jesus Bringer of Life 😁👩‍👧‍👦💪 Impact Church Reynoldsburg Spiritual Seekers Welcome Nondenominational

Have you been feeling like something is missing in your life? Do you keep trying all the things the world says should make you happy, but you still feel empty? Have you tried different religions and still find yourself spiritually starving? Jesus said that He is the One that can fill us up when we're empty, That He is the One who satisfies our spiritual thirst.

When Suffering, It Helps to Know This World Is Not Our Home (Hope of Heaven) Impact Church 06-13-21

Pain... Emotional Pain... Physical Pain... Pain that Comes in Waves... to the Point of Unbearable... Will it ever end? I don't know how much more I can take... Is there anything to keep me going? Is there any Hope left? Sometimes you need someone outside of your situation that can see from another perspective. Someone to remind you of some TRUTH in the midst of the LIES... To remind you of God's Promises. To remind you of the great things we will receive in the Future. To give you Hope that you can Hold on to. Join us This Sunday for a Message of Hope. 10:15 am

Can Being a Good Person and Being Religions Get You to Heaven? ❓👼❔😇 Impact Church Reynoldsburg

If you ask the average person if they think they're going to heaven, they will say yes. And if you ask them why, they'll say, "Because I'm a pretty good person. I've never murdered anybody, I try to help people when I can..." But is that really how we get to heaven? By being a good person? By doing enough good deeds? What if we told you this is not how we get to heaven at all? What if we told you that it's just the opposite - admitting that you're not good enough? Are all religions the same? Do all religions basically teach the same thing, and all religious roads lead to heaven? If you've thought either of these things, you should watch this video. Jeremy, the pastor of Impact Church Reynoldsburg, explains that the essence of salvation actually starts with admitting you're not good enough... Also, Jesus made some claims that need to be taken seriously about being the way, the truth, and the life, and that you need Him to get to God. We are praying that this message hits deep into your soul. May God reveal His truth to you! We are here if you need us! Message us at if you have questions.

Breakthrough Part 5 - Power of Fasting Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non Denominational Church Columbus

Breakthrough Part 5 - Power of Fasting • Have you been praying that God would give you direction on a life decision, but you haven’t gotten it yet? • Have you been praying for healing of a certain sickness, and you wonder why God hasn’t healed you yet? • Have you been struggling with temptation, and you have prayed for God to take it away, but that temptation is still kicking your butt? • It COULD BE that you need to try fasting about that thing.

Breakthrough Pt 4 The Power of Prayer - Overcome Temptation, Better Sense of God Leading You

Breakthrough Pt 4 -The Power of Prayer Prayer gives us Access to God and therefore Access to the Power to help us in our life situations. Through a lifestyle of prayer, God leads us in life decisions. Sometimes we treat God like a genie in a bottle or like a hormonal and needy teenager or child...only wanting to talk to Him when we need something. In this sermon - the powerful testimonies of a drug addiction, and a friend's struggle with temptation - both conquered through the power of prayer.The Battle within is Real. Part of us wants to do good - we want to please God. The other part of us - our sinful flesh - wants to do things that don't please God. Have you developed a persistent sin that you've prayed and ask God to take away, but it doesn't go away? - Have you found yourself overwhelmed with guilt right after you give in? - Have you not slept well at night because of guilt? Have you had trouble getting into good habits, like doing daily devotion time with God? You really want to do these things, but you can't get any consistency going? Watch this video as Jeremy - the pastor of Impact Church Reynoldsburg - gets real about his own struggles, and he gives us some practical ways to find breakthrough

💪😈🙏 Fighting Temptation: How to Get Rid of Persistent Sinful Habits or Get Good Habits Going

The Battle within is Real. Part of us wants to do good - we want to please God. The other part of us - our sinful flesh - wants to do things that don't please God. Have you developed a persistent sin that you've prayed and ask God to take away, but it doesn't go away? - Have you found yourself overwhelmed with guilt right after you give in? - Have you not slept well at night because of guilt? Have you had trouble getting into good habits, like doing daily devotion time with God? You really want to do these things, but you can't get any consistency going? Watch this video as Jeremy - the pastor of Impact Church Reynoldsburg - gets real about his own struggles, and he gives us some practical ways to find breakthrough

Breakthrough Part 2 The Power of God's Word -Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non-Denominational Columbus

God's Word: One of Our Most Powerful Weapons for a Breakthrough 🙌💪 - Have you been battling temptation? - Have you been stuck at the same level spiritually with God for a while? There is a tool that can help you have a breakthrough! God's word is one of our most powerful weapons! God has given us the Sword of the Spirit to combat temptation and combat a stale relationship with Him.

Desperate for a Breakthrough Part 1 Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non denominational Christian Columbus

· Have you been trapped in the same temptation or addiction and wish you could be free? · Do you feel like you’ve been stuck at the same level spiritually for a while, and you’re tired of the everyday mundane? · Have you been seeking God for direction in your life, and you don’t seem to get an answer? · Maybe you have a persistent sickness or condition, and you’ve asked God to take it away but it hangs around? · If you’ve ever had the thought, “I would do ANYTHING to get out of this situation,” · If you’ve ever been down on your knees, begging God with tears to deliver you from something, this series is for you: Desperate for a Breakthrough

Toxic Emoji Fear How Can You Overcome Fear? Impact Church Reynoldsburg non denominational Christian

What are some things you do to deal with your fear? Has fear every kept you from doing something, and you regretted it later? Do you think that living in a state of fear is something God wants for us? The Bible has a lot to say about fear. Watch as Jeremy teaches how we can deal with our fear in a healthy way.

😫😣😦 What Gets You through Difficult Times Impact Church Reynoldsburg non denominational Columbus

Life is Unpredictable. You never know what life is going to throw at you. When your life seems like it is falling apart, when it seems like everything is unpredictable, Is there anything solid you can hold on to? In 1 Corinthians 13, it says that while many things will pass away, there are 3 things that will always remain. 3 things you can depend on. Watch this video as the pastor of Impact Church - Jeremy - teaches us how to hold on. An Easter Sermon. #resurrection​ #EasterSunday​ #Eastermessage​ #faith​ #hope​ #love

Toxic Emoji Envy How to Get Envy under Control Impact Church Reynoldsburg non denominational

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook, and you see somebody on vacation, and you instantly feel a twinge of jealousy... I wish I could go on that trip... You're driving down the road and you see someone in a Corvette, and you wish you had that car... You saw a couple walking down the street, and thought to yourself, how did THAT GUY get HER? Envy can take us down a dangerous path. We don't appreciate the life that God has given us, and we spend all our time wishing you had someone else's life. Envy quickly turns into greed, and you start neglecting more important things like your relationship with your spouse, kids, or your relationship with God. You start resenting other people... Watch this video to learn how to gain control over the toxic emoji of envy. #jealousville #greenwithenvy #toxicemotions

Toxic Emoji Bitterness 😥😒😫 How to Let Go of Bitterness Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non denominational

Have you ever been hurt, betrayed, taken advantage of, lied to judged... Pretty soon you feel the toxicity of bitterness polluting your mind, emotions... If we don't get bitterness under control, we shut ourselves off from close relationships, not trusting... It robs us of our peace and our joy... People don't want to be around us... Watch this video and learn how to get rid of bitterness and Learn what the solution to bitterness is. #churchonline #bitteroldperson #bitternessproblem #forgivenessiskey

😡😠😒Toxic Emoji Anger - How to Get Control over Our Anger God's Way Impact Church Reynoldsburg

Have you done something while angry that you regretted? Said something you wish you could take back? Did you punch a hole in a wall, give a rude gesture? We all have some anger inside us that can come out in an unhealthy way. The question is, how can we deal with our anger in a healthy way? After all, we don't want to do damage or hurt others in our path... Watch this video as our pastor, Jeremy, teaches from the Bible on this subject. #churchonline​​ #angerundercontrol​ #angermanagement​

🤝🤗💗 How to Make People Feel Loved and Belong in God's Family 💗🤗🤝 Impact Church Reynoldsburg

Do you remember the feeling when you were the new person walking into a group? New in school, new to church, etc. It's overwhelming, isn't it? Especially when that group of people have been friends for a long time. As Christians, we should be really good about welcoming new people into the group, like Jesus was. Unfortunately, we are people just like everyone else, and human nature wants to cling to the familiar. Watch this Video as Jeremy teaches us How to Go Beyond a Handshake and a Smile, and truly make people feel a part of the group in God's family. In Person 10:15​ (1623 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg) OR Church Online (Impact Church Reynoldsburg Facebook Page) #churchonline​ #columbusohio​ #reynoldsburgohio​ #loveyourneighbor​ #makefeelwelcome

How to Increase our Compassion for Those Far from God - Impact Church Reynoldsburg Christian

Have you ever wished you could get your friends or family to go to church? Are you concerned about your co-worker and if they are going to heaven? How can we increase our compassion and how can we lead people to Jesus? Watch this video to learn some of the Top Keys to leading people to Jesus.
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5 Lies that Satan Gets Us to Believe about Sin

Have you ever fallen for somebody's tricks and you were just sick to your stomach later? Maybe you were convinced to buy something and it was a bad deal, so you had serious buyer's remorse... Maybe you let a friend talk you into doing something, and it got you into a really bad situation... That's how the devil works. He makes evil things look good, and if we take the bait, we will end up with some serious regrets. Learn some of Satan's top lies so that you don't fall for them and live in regret. Spare yourself some heartache. #spiritualwarfare #churchonline #columbusohio #reynoldsburgohio #biblicalpreaching

⚔ How to Overcome Satan's Tactic of Division ⚔ Impact Church Reynoldsburg Non denominational

Have you felt Satan trying to drive a wedge between you and someone else? Do you want to know how to deal with relationship's God's way so that you can bring resolution? Have you felt a sense of division in your family, in your church, or in the country? We need to learn how not to fall for Satan's tactics of Division. He is smart, cunning, and he knows how to ruin a good thing.
spiritualwarfare​ #churchonline​ #columbusohio​ #reynoldsburgohio​ #biblicalpreaching

Can a Christian be Possessed or Influenced By Demonic Powers?

Have you ever had weird stuff happen in your house that you thought might be evil spirits? What can we do when those things happen? The Bible says we are made up of Body, Mind, and Soul. What does that mean, and how does it relate to being attacked spiritually? Watch this video as Jeremy, the pastor of Impact Church Reynoldsburg, breaks this down for us. Jeremy uses a really helpful diagram to illustrate how we are made up of Body, Soul, and Spirit, and which areas Satan can attack and which parts he cannot attack. Very informative section on how Satan attacks the Mind, Heart, and Will.
#SpiritualWarfare #churchonline #columbusohio #nondenominational #nottodaydevil